Hills BC85120 RG6 FTA/SAT Quad Shield 30m Reel



The Hills BC85120 RG6 coaxial cable is suitable for both satellite and free-to-air installations and is Foxtel approved.


It has four layers of shielding, ensuring maximum protection against potential signal interference. It comes in a 30m reel.


Its features include:

  • Quad Shield Cable for superior signal quality and minimal interference

  • Low attenuation loss cable specifications for best possible HDTV viewing

  • Every metre is marked with cable information for easy identification and use
  • Suitable for Australian Weather Conditions for above ground installation

  • Matched 75Ω impedance coaxial cable for receiving devices and DTV tuners

  • Copper clad solid steel centre conductor for superior breaking strength and electrical performance

  • Rated from 5Mhz – 3,000MHz for all terrestrial and satellite applications needs

  • Flame Resistant safety and UV stable PVC jacket material for cable longevity

  • Foxtel IPL #F31070


Cable Size: 30m
Packaging: Wooden Reel
Shielding: Quad - 4 Layers
Warranty: 1