Hills FB607204A BB 90cm Tin Mount



The Hills FB607204A BB Tin Roof Mount is designed to suit a 90cm satellite dish in wind region C2/N4 (W50m/s) applications.

The FB607204A BB tin mount specifications:

  • Maximum roof slope 30°
  • Maximum roof height 8.5m above ground level.
  • Cladding rib heights between 16mm and 30mm.
  • Rafter and batten spacing's from 900mm to 1200mm.
  • Suitable for corrugated cladding profiles and deep-rib profiles such as TrimDEK.
  • Not suitable for tile or light-gauge metal-framed roofs.
  • All roof fixings must be through the crest of the cladding flutes.
  • Horizontal angle between stays: MIN 60° and MAX 90°.
  • The mount must be installed in accordance with the instructions included with the mount kit.
  • Minimum batten thickness 45mm


Colour: Silver
Finish: Galvanised Steel
Frame Material: Timber Frame
Mount Type: BB
Roof Type: Tin
Warranty: 1