Hills FC658233C LARA UHF PSU6F Masthead Amplifier with 4G Filter



The Hills FC658233C LARA UHF PSU6F Masthead Amplifier is a UHF only amplifier, making it perfect for the installer that knows exactly what they need with the added benefit of 4G rejection. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications where the UHF frequency is required to be amplified.


The Hills FC658233C LARA Masthead Amplifier features:

  • Amplifies Channels 28-51 (UHF)
  • Switchable gains
  • Gain controls
  • 1 input
  • Fully shielded enclosure to eliminate interference
  • Weatherproof case included
  • Power LED indicator
  • Earth point attachment
  • Cellular/FM filters
  • 4G/LTE rejection filter included



4G Filter: True
Connection Type: F-Type
Frequency Range: 525-694MHz
Gain: Low (0-10dB), High (23-34dB)
Number of Channels: 28-51
Number of Inputs: 1
Number of Outputs: 1
Plug Type: PSU6 F-Type
Warranty: 1