Hills FC658275C Q-Amp 4G Masthead Amplifier with PSU10P



The Hills Q-Amp Digital amplifier is a fully flexible high gain masthead amplifier, designed in Australia for domestic and commercial TV reception applications. It is an all purpose amplifier, with it's combination UHF/VHF capabilities making it ideal for the full range of installations.


The indoor aspect of this product enables installers to integrate 4G rejection into already existing sites.

The Hills FC658275C Q-Amp features:

  • Amplifies Channels 6-12 (VHF) & 28-51 (UHF)
  • Separate or combined VHF & UHF input options
  • VHF/UHF Hi/Lo gain (prevents overloading)
  • Adjustable Gains between amplifier stages
  • Low noise figure
  • Fully shielded enclosure to eliminate interference
  • Weatherproof case included
  • Power LED indicator
  • Switchable inputs
  • 4G/LTE rejection filter included



4G Filter: True
Connection Type: F-Type
Frequency Range: 525-694MHz
Gain: VHF (0-8 & 22-30dB), UHF (0-10 & 24-34dB)
Number of Channels: 28-51
Number of Inputs: 2
Number of Outputs: 1
Plug Type: PSU10 PAL-type
Warranty: 1