Hills Tru-Max 36 4G Antenna



The Hills Tru-Max 36 4G antenna is a superior phased array antenna used for regional UHF areas. It has the added benefit of having a 4G filter included, reducing the potential for 4G/LTE interference, ensuring excellent reception, regardless of location or 4G proximity.


The Hills Tru-Max 18 features:

  • Designed for the preceise digital frequency bands for true HD performance
  • Boomlock™ manufacturing technology used to secure elements
  • Band 4+ UHF operation
  • Channels 28 - 51
  • 4G filtering included
  • Ultrasonically sealed balun for maximum reliability
  • Strong robust mechnical construction that is lightweight and compact
  • Aluminimum materials for superior corrosion resistance
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • 5 year Manufacturer Warranty



4G Filter: True
Colour: Silver
Frequency: UHF
Frequency Range: 470-694MHz
Gain: 11.5-14dB
Material Type: Aluminum
Number of Channels: 28-51
Output Types: F-Type Female
Warranty: 5